These days, almost all realtors are looking to push their clients to purchase a property like a condominium in Singapore.

But, back in 2010, there was only 1 organization that was talking about Singapore properties.

And, it was none other than:


Yes. We started the whole trend.

As a 1st movers advantage, we had almost no competition when we entered the real estate market.

What’s more, we also brought our fellow downline of realtors to the picture and made sure they and their clients’ benefitted from this exploration.

It paid off beyond our wildest imaginations.

Within a short span of 5 years, we have seen 50% ROI and in some cases as much as a 75% ROI.

This kind of figures in a slow moving real estate is only possible in a country like Singapore.

Why ONLY Singapore?

Simply put, because it is unique.

They have more foreigners in their country than their very own citizens.

Which means prices for non-restricted real estate properties are always going to be on the demand for a land deprived country like Singapore.

Though Singapore is deprived of land size, their economy is one of the strongest in the whole world!

And, if you pay a visit to Singapore anytime soon, you will know that it is an extremely organized country with almost no margin for errors.

All these factors make Singapore properties one of the most sought after even after 7 years since we started the ball rolling.

Till to date, we get referrals inquiring on how they can be part of Singapore’s active real estate market.

Likewise, we also have new agents coming to us to know how they can get started.

We started the trend and now we are leading people to the trend – it doesn’t get any better for us!


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