About INTRADE2010

If you have already been long enough in the Real Estate industry, you would know that it is an extremely tough industry.

Only the toughest will survive!

And, the greater ones will go to greater heights.

In our opinion,  it is a fair battle ground.

It is a battleground we love beyond words may describe.

We started as a realtor and now we are managing a group of realtors.

We are their “mentors” as well as personal assistants.

We do the high notes as well as the low notes.

Why do we do that?

Any organization may be able to manage a settled realtor.

However, the ones that need real help are the ones at the bottom.

They need the push as well as the guidance to climb up the ladder.

These days, we have managed to take complete real estate rookies and fine-tune their performance so that they are on a level that all of us can be proud of.

Real Estate transactions require plenty of teamwork.

And, we come in to close the many gaps between each and every team.

We are optimizing the transaction process and streamlining it like no other.

We also don’t keep trade secrets.

Because we don’t believe in secrets if you are going to work as part of our team.

Open communication is the path to success.

One of our biggest breakthroughs was getting plenty of careful investors to invest safely in a country like Singapore.

Yes. We took them to Singapore and made them buy private properties like condominiums in Singapore.

As challenging as it sounds, it was indeed a real challenge to even a veteran organization like us.

When we face challenges, we also get opportunities.

We tapped into our network of realtors.

Sooner than later, the challenges ahead become very profitable venture.

Although, many realtors are bringing clients over to Singapore for a real estate property presentation.

We can quite safely say we are behind those realtors and we are the ones guiding them through the process.

We will also showcase our unique strength of identifying private properties in Singapore which give the best rental yield as well as a positive ROI in the years to come.

So, bookmark our site and do feel free to contact us if you would like to know how you too can be part of our dynamic team and take your realtor career to the next level!